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MagDragster Golf Mk1 [MD-Golf01]

MagDragster Golf Mk1 [MD-Golf01]


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Welcome to the official page for the MagDragster car [MD-Golf01] The first car that can be driven on 3 different model car racing systems. The car can drive as a Mag Car, Slot Car & RC Car. 3 in 1 chassis. The car is made for the Tamiya Golf Mk1 Racing Group 2 body. The car can use a brushed 130 motor or a brushless 2030 motor.


I always wanted to design and build a 1/24 scale car with a chassis that looks like a real race car chassis, a tube chassis with a roll cage.
My inspiration for making a chassis for the Golf Mk1, comes from various places, but one car that I never forgot was the Rotor Rabbit drag car by Thomas Palubitzki that later was sold an became the Wolf Wankel.  (see picture)

Where to buy

The chassis is for sale on Shapeways. The chassis have only been tested in the Strong & Flexible Polished materials.


MagDragster [MD-Golf01] Parts List

Recommended and needed parts for all setups (Mag Car, Slot Car and RC car)
1 x MagDragster [MD-Golf01] Chassis
1 x Tamiya Body (VW Golf Racing Group 2 – #24008)
2 x Front Wheels: ScaleAuto 26,5mm x 8mm (3mm axle)
2 x Rear Wheels: ScaleAuto 26,5 x 10mm (3mm Axle)
2 x MagDragster Knuckles [Golf Mk1 Chassis]
1 x Rear gear
1 x pinion gear
1 x Axle (3mm)
2 x Front Axle, 3mm axle or 3mm screws (front wheels)
2 x Bearings for 3mm Axle, 6mm outer diameter.
1 x Li-Po 2S 7.4V Battery. List of batteries

Brushed or brushless setup? List of motors

1 x Motor – Brushed motor type 130 can. (Mabuchi)
1 x 10A Brushed ESC With Brake for MagDragster Car
2 x TSRF TSC17 Motor mounting screw – 2mm stainless steel flat head (Screws for the brushed Motor 130 Can with mounting holes. Please note: not all 130 motor cans have mounting holes)

1 x brushless motor type 2030. List of motors
1 x Brushless ESC

Slot Car parts
1 x MagDragster Slot Guide Mount
1 x Slot car pick up guide.
2 x motor wires

RC Car parts
1 x Mini Receiver
1 x Transmitter
1 x Mini ESC (Electronic Speed Controller)
1 x Battery
1 x Servo – Turnigy™ MX-96E Digital Sub Micro Servo (Dimensions: 18×7.9×16.8mm)

RunCam FPV Camera

If you want to install a camera in the car, I recommend the RunCam Model: Micro Swift.


If you need help with your Magdragster car, you are always welcome to send me a mail here.