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MagDragster V1 in progress

MagDragster V1 in progress


After I got my first prototype (Betaversion) of the MagDragster printed. I am ready to move on to the next version of it, my first release candidate. I have done some testing of the chassis and I found some small errors that was expected. Just started to make the changes and taking the chassis apart. (See picture below)

MagDragster V1 in progress.

Here are the changes I will make in the V1 version. I will focus on the driving ability, realism, material, less material cheaper in printing. But strenght is very important, so it is about doing it the right way.

The width of the rear end will be made smaller, to avoid that the wheels are touching the body and also make it possible to use bigger and wider tires.

I will make the roll cage higher, so it will fit the body better and also look more realistic.

Improvement of the steering.

I will update this post daily until the chassis is finished.