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Magracing News – 22 March 2013

Magracing News – 22 March 2013


Hi All, The introduction of reverse is keeping us busy! Almost
every page of the website has alterations needed to remove
references to track marshals! Also the auto power cut off in
the pistol TX has had to be removed so references to this need
altering. You will now need to remove the battery after use.

I have also been busy, whilst waiting for new parts, replacing
over 50 steel screws in our tracks with stainless ones. It was,
of course, possible before to get a car stuck occasionally on
a screw but now, with reverse, cars spend more time
being free steered on the ‘grass’ instead of being picked up
by marshals and, whilst getting stuck is still a rarity, it could
spoil your race!

Reverse is proving particularly useful for myself, as chief
tester!, because, as our tracks are quite large, an ‘off’ on the
far side of the track means quite a walk round the track. I do
spend quite some time testing new cars, new tyre treatments,
lap counter mods, etc.

I appreciate that most people’s tracks are smaller so this
advantage is not so apparent but for larger tracks, the
ability for 2 or 3 people to race without marshals is a
major step forward.

I have spoken with our electronics engineer re. cost for
reverse and he wants 11euro ($15)per car for the mods to the rx and
reprogramming rx and tx and we need 6euro($9) for new tx mouldings’
springs, extra magnets in the car, etc. We will strip and
re-assemble and test for no charge. VAT must be added
for EU countries. Postage will be at cost, dependent on
the quantity.

We will need everything except bodies.
Our engineer needs at least 10 cars together to do the work
so it is difficult to give a turn round time.
It would probably be best if you mail us if you want these
mods. and I will advise you when to send the cars.
Regards from Magracing, Wes Raynor