Home MAGracing News MAGracing News – Jan 26, 2013.
MAGracing News – Jan 26, 2013.

MAGracing News – Jan 26, 2013.


Hello Magracers,
We recently held a race meeting on Linford 1 circuit to
test lap counting and some track mods. As can be seen in the photos,
a shelf type extension has been added along the pit straight. This is to
provide a location for battery changing pit stops. Short 20 lap races
were held with enforced pit stops at some point. This was simply to
add an extra feature to the racing. The lap counter records lap times
so 2 minute qualifying sessions were held before each race.
The extension also served the purpose of moving drivers further from
the track so as to improve vision.

The other alteration was to reroute the chicane inwards to enable the
track marshal to reach all the track centre. Drivers should not have to
marshal cars.
As always, we learned from this meeting. Some drivers were not
using the racing line so further modifications will push the outer
lanes further out to penalise drivers who cannot be bothered
to steer. More on this next time. Hopefully we will have a video
on u tube soon.
Regards to you all, Wes Raynor.