Home MAGracing News MAGracing News – Jan 29, 2013.
MAGracing News – Jan 29, 2013.

MAGracing News – Jan 29, 2013.


Hi All,
Further to our race meeting last week, we decided to modify the track
outer lines where possible to encourage the use of the racing line and also to
add overtaking possibilities. Photos show work in progress and final results.
As you can see, if car 4 overshoots and runs wide, it will loose time and car
5 may overtake.

All cars were running with pvc tape tyres and there was some debate afterwards
which led to experimentation and a possible solution which provides perhaps 20% more
grip combined with low cost, simplicity and most importantly consistency.
This surprisingly is paper masking tape! This is easy to apply and the crepe
type finish provides more than enough grip. The usual cream colour seemed a
bit of a problem but a black felt tip sorted this without affecting the surface grip.
The 2 cars tested so far have run about 30 minutes without any obvious loss of
grip. When they run down to the adhesive, the grip may even increase!
The downside of faster cornering speeds is that the benefits of the racing line
tend to diminish and the possibilites of overtaking through a turn as previously
described become more difficult so we suspect that grip wise this is definately
as far as we would recommend. More racing tomorrow night will hopefully
confirm this.

We are finding it difficult to to post all that we would like to say on the three forums
covering Magracing and find it easier to mail our customers direct. If anyone
would like to post any of this on any forum, we would be obliged. A video of last
weeks racing is now on U tube.
Bye for now Wes R