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MAGracing News – Marts 10, 2013

MAGracing News – Marts 10, 2013


Hi All, Our apologies firstly to those who may have received
spam mail following our last letter. This shouldn’t happen again.
Still not quite there with the reverse mods but the tools are being
worked on so should be soon. A video ‘Reverse in Action’ is
now viewable on you tube. Car mods will include 2 new
magnets in the chassis alongside the steering arm (see photo)
which enable the car to be steered in reverse and also make forward
steering, off the wire, much more positive.

We recently ran a 50 lap race with no marshals and no problems.
A big step forward and very enjoyable racing!
Also progress with tyre additives. A simple answer, black
emulsion paint. Probably it will have limited life but in future
we shall, on testing, be scrubbing in tyres and painting the inner
3mm. of the wheel We are using blackboard paint, easily available in small
tins. Lap times go down from around 14 secs to 11.5, much the
same as with masking tape. This makes it much easier to check
new cars performance and will be easier for novice drivers.
Cars are getting close to flat out cornering however so we
really no not want any more grip. A lap or 11.5 secs. on
Linford 1 Circuit represents around 110mph (170kph), so
quite fast enough on a go kart size circuit!

A couple of things we have learnt about driving back
onto the track with reverse is that it is easier on our
Linford 2 track which has .028″ wire than on the Linford 1
track with .036″ wire. Car steering magnets will occasionally
stick when crossing the thicker wire whereas this is less
likely with the thinner wire. Also we need to change the
woodscrews which fix the baseboard down from steel to
stainless as cars will again sometimes stop if run slowly
over a steel screw.

Also Linford 1 does not have enough ‘run off’ area alongside
the track. If a car spins, it is difficult to reverse and turn
on the narrow track without blocking following cars.
A minimum of ,say, 3 inches (10cms) would be good.
Next time we should have more info. regarding costs of
upgrading to reverse.

Enjoy your Magracing! Wes Raynor