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New MagDragster V2 Chassis

New MagDragster V2 Chassis


The newest version of my MagDragster chassis, Version 2. –  – 1/24 Scale – Brushed or Brushless R/C Car.

After testing my prototype and V1 version, I have learned a lot and it all comes together in this version 2 of my MagDragster. I hope you like it 🙂 This chassis is still in development.

MagDragster V2 - Pro-Track Wheels
MagDragster V2 – Pro-Track Wheels

3 in 1 car.

  • MagDragster (Install a MAG Guide and drive it on a MagRacing track)
  • RC Car (Install a servo and drive it like a RC car)
  • Slot Car (Install a guide and drive it like a slot car)

This chassis requires:

  • Body  – (Tamiya Golf Mk1 Group 2 Kit)
  • Motor – 130 motor (Standard Mabuchi Motor Can) OR Brushless (20mm Diameter can)
  • ESC – Mini Speed Control
  • Receiver – Mini Size Receiver
  • Battery – Mini Size Battery (7,4 volt)
  • Wheels – Recommended wheels Pro-Track slot car wheels for Drag Racing
  • Axle, Screws and bearings.Visit my main page for the latest news and updates in my Shapeways shop