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What is MAGracing?

What is MAGracing?
MAGracing is a revolutionary model car racing system developed by Wes Raynor.

MAGracing is a racetrack car system for electric model cars, radio controlled, based on a magnetic guide system, controlled by a copper coil and is often referred to as slotless racing.

– It is easy and fun to build the track, you can find information and a tutorial here.
– The system don’t require much space, the track can be as small as 1 meter x 3 meters.
– Up to 16 cars can be raced at the same time.
– You can choose from 4 different car models; Alfa Romeo 33TT3, Porsche 908/3, Ferrari 312PB and McLaren M8a.
You can find more information about the cars here.

MAGracing is not a out of the box kit, ready to run. The cars are ready to run, but you need to build the track yourself, which for some people can be a challenge. The system appeal more to entusiasts and model car race clubs, than for home racing unless you have the space for it. This system gives you the opportunity to build a great looking race track, only your skills sets the limit.

See the video for a demostration on how the system works.

Video by MAGracing.co.uk