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Ny bane på vej

Efter vi har lavet mange test baner er det nu blevet tid til at lave en større bane. Desværre har vi ikke så meget plads, men vi har prøvet at udnytte den plads vi har mest muligt. (26)

Anki Overdrive – Slotless Battle Racing System

Anki Overdrive, is a slotless battle racing system. Like racing a real life computer game. Anki Overdrive can be controlled with a app on your mobile phone. (388)

Join our MagRacing Facebook Group

Join our MagRacing Facebook Group, where we build MagRacer and MagDragster cars, tracks, drag strips, share ideas and tips & tricks for MagRacing. You are probably already on Facebook so why not join us and get updates directly in your notifications. Everybody is welcome, no matter experience. Link to the group: MagRacer / MagDragster In […]

How to Build a Drag Strip

How to Build a Drag Strip My first Drag Strip, build for Mag Drag Racing (MagRacing) Please leave a comment if you have any questions.   (1959)

EbolaDrome – The Grand Tour Test Track

EbolaDrome – The Grand Tour Test Track Have you seen the first episode of The Grand Tour, then you also know The Grand Tour test track, the EbolaDrome, named after a deadly virus. The track is located at a former RAF airfield at Wroughton in Wiltshire, England. This track could be interesting to build as […]