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Hitting the Apex Movie

Hitting the Apex Movie – 2015 (69)

They Are Back – The Grand Tour

They Are Back – The Grand Tour is here. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond & James May are back and they start out with style. Get 30 day free trial at Amazon Prime – Link The Grand Tour (84)

Wes Raynor – A life in R/C Racing

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The life story of Wes Raynor, told by Wes. The Beginning I was born in Leicester, England, a long time ago, before radio control was invented! I was always interested in models, model aircraft and model railways and when I was about 13, I found some 1/32 model car kits (made by SMEC) for electric […]

MAGracing Gallery

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MAGracing Gallery. Welcome to the gallery.   (1666)

MAGracing LeMans Race Start

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A great video of a MAGracing LeMans Race Start (1338)

MAGracing Oval Track – Race Practice.

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A video from MAGracing, Race practice on a oval track, Nascar racing. 1/32 scale R/C cars. (2274)

Matchbox Porsche 917-10 – 1/32

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Matchbox Porsche 917-10 – 1/32 (1467)

Drag Racing Christmas tree

Drag Racing Christmas tree I am working on a Drag Racing christmas tree in 1/24 scale, with working led lights. Here is some pictures of my progress so far. This is my led light version, ready for 3D printing. (583)

Shapeways Coupon Code

Are you ready for going 3D with your projects, bring your ideas to life, become a member of Shapeways and get 10% of your first order with this Shapeways coupon code “qc23y“. This offer is only for new members. Have fun creating. Shapeways is the leading and the World’s Biggest Consumer 3D printing factory. (267)

MAGracing – Adjustable chassis

Wes from MAGracing have announced his new prototype of a adjustable chassis. The top picture shows 2 chassis, one in grey ABS plastic, the other in white Styrene. Vacuum formed from 1.5mm sheet. The chassis have a adjustable wheelbase and using another model of battery, a CR127 battery. (1172)