Home MAGracing News MAGracing News – Feb 13, 2013.
MAGracing News – Feb 13, 2013.

MAGracing News – Feb 13, 2013.


Greetings all, Attached is a photo showing mods. to Linford 1 circuit. The
baseboard nearest the camera was extended some 4 inches (100mm) to enable
the default outer lane to be pushed further out into the ‘sand’. Car 1 is just
leaving the pit lane, car 3 has overshot through the sand and car 4 is on the
racing line.

The pit exit does in fact cross the outer lane wire. No problem
providing the angle is not too acute, say 30 degree minimum. There is a gap
of approx. 4mm in the pit lane wire each side of the outer lane wire which
was not cut and this seems fine unless you run very slowly when the car
will switch to follow the outer lane. A small section cut out of the outer
lane wire would cure this.

Re arrows on the track, we know where the lane change points are but we
have many visiting drivers who of course would not know if the arrows
were not there.

We have had a cold winter here in the U.K. and the cars are usually left
in the track room which is detached and unheated and frequently cars
would not run after a cold night. A few hours indoors and all would work
but we now take them inside at night. Must be condensation of some sort
my electronics guru says.

Re bodyshells, longer chassis, etc., this project was funded from my
retirement savings and everything had to be designed for the lowest
possible cost. If the hobby continues to flourish, many improvements
can be made but we had to start somewhere . And maybe I will be able
to afford that new car I’ve put off for 5 years!

The chassis length is correct for the fairly small 1970’s sports cars and
it was considered important to get everything into the shortest wheelbase
first so that longer wheelbases would be relatively easy.
Enjoy your racing, Wes R