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MAGracing News – Feb 26, 2013

MAGracing News – Feb 26, 2013


Hi Magracers,
The big news today is the introduction of reverse for Magracers.
We initially discounted reverse believing it would add considerably to the costs.
We recently discovered that we could have had reverse for no extra cost!
Annoying for us because it means some modification costs and annoying for
customers who may wish to upgrade.
This is a major improvement however.
Given good track design, cars can now be driven back onto the track from any
‘off’ situation. This means that marshals will no longer be needed for racing
or practice and that tracks will not have to be designed with marshal access
in mind. Driving one’s car back on to the track is more rewarding and much
fairer than having to wait for a marshal. It does require practice however in
remembering which way to turn the steering wheel!

We are not sure yet what will be involved with upgrade kits but we will do our
best to minimise the costs. Production has been stopped whilst the necessary
modifications are made and we hope to restart this week-end.
Following the mods. to Linford 1 Circuit, the chicane has been further modified
and is now a much faster S bend. The aim is to give drivers more work to do!.
Photos show work in progress and the finished track. The important point to
note is that, to achieve the racing line, cars must be steered left and quickly to
the right. This is challenging to the drivers. The outer lane briefly joins the
inner lane so both these moves are also lane changes. Track features which
require quick left and right steering are important on any circuit. Left, right
and again left is even better!

Should have some video of reverse in action soon.
We have also attached a photo from our last letter but with the lane/wire lines
arrowed in. These 3 lines are all you need. The overshoot line encourages
drivers to drive properly or loose time but it also provides a ‘run off’ for cars
entering the corner too fast and keeps them on the track and it is also useful
for novice drivers to move out of the way of faster drivers coming up behind.
Enjoy your Magracing, Wes R