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New MagRacer car in the making

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Wes Raynor – A life in R/C Racing


The life story of Wes Raynor, told by Wes. The Beginning I was born in Leicester, England, a long time ago, before radio control was invented! I was always interested in models, model aircraft and model railways and when I was about 13, I found some 1/32 model car kits (made by SMEC) for electric […]

MAGracing – Adjustable chassis

Wes from MAGracing have announced his new prototype of a adjustable chassis. The top picture shows 2 chassis, one in grey ABS plastic, the other in white Styrene. Vacuum formed from 1.5mm sheet. The chassis have a adjustable wheelbase and using another model of battery, a CR127 battery. (1213) Related posts: MagRacer Tube Chassis MAGracing […]

Talbot Lago Grand Prix – 1/24

Wes Raynor, the creator of MAGracing have converted a Talbot Lago Grand Prix, T26C racer to a magracer. The model kit used is a kit from SMER. Item no. 0953.  The kit is in 1/24 scale. Here is a picture of the chassis, the steering is almost the same as in a standard magracer, the standard […]

MagDragster V1 in progress

After I got my first prototype (Betaversion) of the MagDragster printed. I am ready to move on to the next version of it, my first release candidate. I have done some testing of the chassis and I found some small errors that was expected. Just started to make the changes and taking the chassis apart. (See picture […]

MagRacer Tube Chassis

MagRacer Tube Chassis In the progess of learning Google SketchUp I have made a tube chassis version of the MAGracing chassis. Here is some pictures. (381) Related posts: MAGracing Circuit by Markus Fischer MagDragster V1 in progress MAGracing – Adjustable chassis Wes Raynor – A life in R/C Racing

Magracing News – 22 March 2013

Hi All, The introduction of reverse is keeping us busy! Almost every page of the website has alterations needed to remove references to track marshals! Also the auto power cut off in the pistol TX has had to be removed so references to this need altering. You will now need to remove the battery after […]

MAGracing News – Marts 10, 2013

Hi All, Our apologies firstly to those who may have received spam mail following our last letter. This shouldn’t happen again. Still not quite there with the reverse mods but the tools are being worked on so should be soon. A video ‘Reverse in Action’ is now viewable on you tube. Car mods will include […]

MAGracing News – Feb 26, 2013

Hi Magracers, The big news today is the introduction of reverse for Magracers. We initially discounted reverse believing it would add considerably to the costs. We recently discovered that we could have had reverse for no extra cost! Annoying for us because it means some modification costs and annoying for customers who may wish to […]

MAGracing News – Feb 13, 2013.

Greetings all, Attached is a photo showing mods. to Linford 1 circuit. The baseboard nearest the camera was extended some 4 inches (100mm) to enable the default outer lane to be pushed further out into the ‘sand’. Car 1 is just leaving the pit lane, car 3 has overshot through the sand and car 4 […]

MAGracing News – Jan 29, 2013.

Hi All, Further to our race meeting last week, we decided to modify the track outer lines where possible to encourage the use of the racing line and also to add overtaking possibilities. Photos show work in progress and final results. As you can see, if car 4 overshoots and runs wide, it will loose […]

MAGracing News – Jan 26, 2013.

Hello Magracers, We recently held a race meeting on Linford 1 circuit to test lap counting and some track mods. As can be seen in the photos, a shelf type extension has been added along the pit straight. This is to provide a location for battery changing pit stops. Short 20 lap races were held […]

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