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Introduction to the MagRacing Track
Laying the Track Wire
The Plaster Method
The Racing Line
Examples of MagRacing Tracks / Circuits
Race Circuits – Get Inspired

A introduction to the MagRacing Track

MagRacing differs from other systems such as slot car racing or the newer Real FX Racing system because there is no visible guide, there is no slot or gradient color on the race track that guides the car, it is entirely up to you how the course should look like, and you can paint the track as you like.

MagRacing is using a wire hidden under the road and therefore the guide is invisble, wich gives you a lot of freedom in designing the track and it also makes the system much more realistic to look at. MAGracing are slot less, but still a guided racing system.

Another important feature is that you can build the circuit that you like, there is almost no limit to what race ciruit you can design if you want to build a replica of Hockenheim, Circuit de la Sarthe or the streets of Monarco, so it is possible with MagRacing.

You need reasonable space for the racetrack and a minimum of 1 x 2 meters for a course in 1/32 scale. A racetrack in scale 1/24 will require significantly more space and so far cars are only available in 1/32 scale. So if you want cars in 1/24 scale you have to build or rebuild them your self, which many already are doing.

Laying the track wire

Laying Track Wire for your MAGracing track.
The most important things to remember when you lay down the piano music wire on your track:

  • The wire must be completely level with the track, if there are any small bumps or irregularities, the car will run of the race track or stop.
  • The steering guide (Magnet) should be as close to the track as possible.
  • The joints must be perfectly in line.
  • Use piano wire that are straight, don’t use wire from a roll.
  • Recommended wire thickness 22 swg, (.028 inch / 07mm.)

Wes Raynor, the creator of MagRacing explains in this video how to lay down the track wire. (Video below)

The Plaster method

One of the most popular ways to make the racetrack is to use putty, plaster. (dry wall) The same kind used for walls, an All-around filler for home improvement. Bottom plate is recommended that you use MDF or particleboard 12 or 18 mm. The Metal wire (Piano wire) you can glue on the plate with epoxy glue or other strong glue. Recommended size for the wire is 22 swg, 07mm

The Racing Line

One of the key features of MagRacing is the racing line and this feature makes MAGracing the most realistic racing system ever created for model cars. If you don’t know, the racing line is the shortest and fastest way around the race track. When you design your race track you must have this line in mind.
Braking point, Turn in point and Apex. The position and direction of the next corner

Some examples of MagRacing Tracks / Circuits

Race Circuits - Get Inspired

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